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MFI’s agri-seminar workshops shall be an information dissemination and advocacy venue in service to the industry and its various stakeholders. It also aims to present potential agri-business ventures to participants.

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At MFI, you’ll have a range of modules to choose from that can help you up-skill or learn something new quickly.

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Quality Education

MFI takes pride as a leading institution recognized for its quality education and technical training responsive to the stakeholders especially the less privileged

Experiential Learning

MFI’s curriculum simulates actual work environments, enabling students to gain the skills, values, and experiences necessary in the workplace

Total Human Development

MFI ensures its students’ holistic development along with providing them with world-class quality education

Education to Employment

MFI’s long-time collaboration with employers guarantees limitless opportunities for students to work after graduation

With MFI, your growth
matters the most. Your education is our top priority.

Our programs are designed to support your career goals every step of the way. We value competence and integrity. MFI only provides the best quality education to help you reach your full potential. Here at MFI, we want to help pave the way to your success!

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